A Community Approach to Better Health

Participation, Engagement and Empowerment are the central themes for success.

Identify - we are currently gathering local data and health information in order to create a comprehensive snapshot of our health and quality of life. Community members will be asked to participate in a survey and several focus groups around the county to give input about health concerns and strengths.

Prioritize -The entire community is invited to engage in a process to look at the data gathered in the assessment phase to determine priorities. The organizing phase was initiated in early 2011 through presentations at several local boards.

Act - The partnership will develop a coordinated action plan to empower residents In Geauga County to play a role in addressing the health priorities that will be identified in the assessment phase.

Please participate. All our voices matter.


To strengthen the local public health system, and to provide programs and services to improve the health and well-being of Geauga County residents.