470 Center St., Building 8
Chardon, Ohio 44024
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm
Hours subject to change


Geauga County Board of Health
appointed by the Health District Advisory Council (HDAC)
Health Commissioner
T. Quade
Medical Director: Dr. B. Moritz
Administrative Consultant: A. Litke
Accreditation Consultant: E. Frantz

Population Health

Director of Nursing
C. Wyers
Public Health Nurse
M. Marsh
Emergency Response
T. Spencer
R. McDade
Health Educator
C. Gigliotti


Chief of Administration
A. Wendell
Fiscal Coordinator
K. Johnson
N. Tvergyak
Clerical Specialist
J. Dieterle
Clerical Specialist
T. Mullin
Clerical Specialist
S. Schulte
Clerical Specialist
B. Kelly

Environmental Health

Director of Environmental Health
D. Sage
Registered Sanitarian
E. Robb
Registered Sanitarian
F. Varga
Registered Sanitarian
A. Hill
Registered Sanitarian
Z. Myers
Registered Sanitarian
M. Kruggel
Registered SIT
S. Wiesen
Plumbing Inspector
G. Duncan