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Seeking Board of Health Member


Geauga County residents interested in the management of Geauga County’s public health services are invited to apply for appointment to the Geauga Public Health Board. The appointment is a volunteer unpaid public service. A potential candidate must be a resident of Geauga County and be willing to serve a term of five years ending March 2027.

The Board consists of five members who are responsible for working cooperatively with the Health Commissioner, Geauga Public Health staff and elected local government officials to ensure that the environmental and personal health services provided by Geauga Public Health are in compliance with State Law, meet the public health needs of Geauga County residents and stays within the budget.

Resumes or comparable information on background and work experience should be mailed or emailed to: Ken Radtke, Chairman, Geauga County Public Health District Advisory Council 2022, c/o Chester Township 12701 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland, Ohio 44026 or kradtke@chestertwp.org.

Deadline for submitting information is Wednesday February 23, 2022.

Mandatory for potential candidates: 

            Interview; Wednesday March 9, 2022 @ Claridon Township

            Presentation; Wednesday March 24, 2022 @ Chardon City




Geauga Public Health General COVID-19 Guidelines

To review the general COVID-19 recommendations, please click below: 

/Portals/27/Resources/General COVID-19 Recommendations.pdf?ver=gspmv7epSVCvMhJEmDxioQ%3d%3d

Most Recent School Guidance- December 27th, 2021

To review the most recent school guidance, please click below: 

/Portals/27/Resources/Most Recent School Guidance 12.29.21.pdf?ver=GnfRFu1qYGsWKhe7jTx36Q%3d%3d

Other Vaccine Providers

Please consider visiting one of these vaccine providers:

Discount Drug Mart Inc. 12575 Cillicothe Rd., Chesterland, OH 44026 / 844-625-0843

Giant Eagle Pharmacy, 12692 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland, OH 44026 / 440-729-5457

Giant Eagle Pharmacy, 8515 Tanglewood Square, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 / 440-708-1277

Giant Eagle Pharmacy, 351 Center Street, Chardon, OH 44024 / 440-286-8680

Giant Eagle Pharmacy, 15400 West High St., Middlefield, OH 44062 / 440-632-5587

Rite Aid Store, 501 Water Street, Chardon, OH 44024 / 440-286-4167

Rite Aid Store, 15596 West High Street, Middlefield, OH 44062 / 440-632-5201

Genoa Healthcare (at Ravenwood in Chardon) / 440-226-3380